Dr Susan Renger
Specialist Counsellor

Susan is a pluralistic therapist, basing her approach on a Person-centred foundation.  She specialises in Actualisation Therapy and Wealth Therapy, both using ‘Therapeutic Learning’; a counselling approach which focuses on long-term learning, to enable clients to become their own self-counsellor.  Her private client base is made up of individuals who are interested in becoming ‘fully-functioning’, or are aiming for an ongoing process of self-actualisation.  This particularly includes those struggling with issues around wealth and celebrity. Susan also has a special interest in working with therapy groups focusing on personal skills development post-therapy.

Susan has therapy experience working with the mental health charity Mind and the Samaritans.  She currently counsels staff in the NHS and works with The Brilliant Club, a charity aiming to encourage teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue academic interests through top universities.  Susan is also currently pursuing post-doctoral research in the field of ‘Therapeutic Learning’ and self-counselling.

Susan’s early career included experience in management training, executive coaching and business coaching.  Her work has been international, with organisations such as British Airways, ICI, Courtaulds, Roche Chemicals and TNT.

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  • PhD (Counselling/Learning), Sheffield Hallam University

  • MSc Counselling Psychology, Keele University 

  • MSc Training, Leicester University  

  • Bachelor of Education (Hons.), Manchester University            

Academic Research

  • Renger, S., Macaskill, A., & Naylor, B. (2020). Learning and change within person‐centred therapy: Views of expert therapists. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 20(3), 535-544.


  • Renger, S., & Macaskill, A. (2021) Simplifying the definition of the fully functioning person for client use. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research.