"Retirement brought great opportunities but some unexpected issues which I had not previously faced. Money and time were now in plentiful supply; but setting and managing priorities became difficult. I had not appreciated how much of my status and confidence was related to my position at work. Conversations always start with “…and what do you do?”. Sue was invaluable in helping me to navigate my way through the transition to a happy and fulfilled retirement." Actualisation Therapy Client

"The sessions with Sue were like visiting a refreshing and safe oasis within a pressured week. Both professional and personal issues could be downloaded in a safe and discreet environment, allowing clearer focus and judgement in decision making. As a senior management executive, I would not have wanted to share and discuss such matters with my colleagues, some of whom would be directly affected by my decisions." Wealth Therapy Client

"Sue is a sensitive and intuitive counsellor. Her ability to listen creatively means that she reaches to the heart of what I am trying to say while I am still tangled up in the threads of my thoughts. I am learning to make my own choices with confidence." Counselling Client


"Sue was extremely helpful and motivational. She enabled me to think about my passions and abilities in relation to my career path and to formulate a practical plan in pursuit of my goals. I came away from the session feeling both inspired and empowered to move forward in a new direction." Coaching Client


“Sue enabled us to make sense of things, calmly and sensitively. She enabled us to listen and really hear at a time when life was intensely painful.”  Couples Counselling


“Sue has offered me great listening skills, an understanding of the situation I find myself in, a desire and ability to help me to reflect on where I am and to gently move me on to think about my next step. All of this done in a loving and caring atmosphere.”  Counselling Client