Actualisation Therapy  

Actualisation Therapy is a therapeutic approach which combines the most common therapy styles into one, and focuses on enabling you to become ‘self-actualising’ - an ongoing process of growth towards being the best of who you truly are.  It is based on the assumption that you are a unique human being and that you are looking for fulfilment in life.


Actualisation therapists don’t see you as being ill, and you won’t be diagnosed as suffering from something. Instead any problems you bring are seen as something to be worked on to bring about positive change to help you to experience and become the deepest and most fulfilling sense of what it is to be you.  You discover your unique identity and hope for a future in which you thrive.


The therapy is very much about the here and now, what seems to be a deficiency and how to turn that into fulfilment.  It's about enabling the potential within through dialogue.  Growth is achieved by interacting with the therapist, but most importantly, the self-actualizing individual ultimately takes on responsibility for their own long term development. 

Relaxing at Home


We are currently conducting further research into a therapeutic methodology which utilises learning theory. 'Therapeutic learning' is a counselling approach based on recent research which integrates Person-centred therapy and other therapeutic approaches with the principles of long term learning.  The process enables you to learn how to manage your challenges and be your own counsellor going forward.  If you are interested in participating, please make contact.