TRAINING Specialists

Training Brokerage

Training Specialists provides a brokerage service to HR and Training departments. 

We recommend well qualified independent trainers, coaches, training companies and HR consultants with a broad range of experience in:

  • Board Level Training and Coaching

  • Management Training and Coaching

  • Specialist Training

  • HR Consultancy

  • Generic Skills Training

  • Corporate Events

Take the risk out of outsourcing.  We research and match exactly the right trainers, coaches or consultants to your in-house organisational requirements.   We send you a report containing our recommendations which gives access to the consultants websites and to their contact information.  You can then invite them to tender, or interview them as you normally would.  Alternatively we can recommend one supplier and liaise with them on your behalf.  Training Specialists usually has preferential day rates with recommended suppliers, but you may wish to negotiate direct.  Where we need to source new suppliers who exactly match your requirements, we can then:

  • Take up references

  • And assess consultants in action where possible



  • We aim to achieve demonstrable best value for our clients

  • Our suppliers focus on the latest thinking in HR, learning and development

  • We only recommend suppliers who we know have received great feedback from other companies

  • We will always research the most suitable supplier in the market place even if they are not currently an Associate.

  • We are a source of quality information and advice on the latest thinking in learning or coaching for our clients

Why Use Us?

More Options

Many of the best consultants are self employed and obtain a large proportion of their work through recommendation making them hard to find.  We have many independent trainers and coaches on our database who are highly regarded and so don’t need to market themselves.  And of course, they can be much more cost effective since they have no organisational overheads to cover.


Save Time, Less Risk

Sourcing new suppliers can be time-consuming, and risky if they don’t come via a recommendation. We take the risk out of external resourcing by suggesting suppliers who have already been recommended to us by HR specialists.   Through Training Specialists you can have as many options as you need on your PC, within a matter of hours if necessary.


Tailored Results

Our recommended suppliers are tailored to fit your requirements exactly.  We aim to find specialists with:

  • The right industry experience

  • Relevant qualifications and experience in their specialist subject

  • Strong references and client list

  • A natural fit within the culture of your organisation


Quality of Delivery

We can monitor the progress of your project, or provide a full project management service where required.  However, results are routinely checked on an ongoing basis to ensure you remain confident with progress.


Board Level Training

· Leadership Skills

· Risk Management

· Corporate Governance / CSR

· Executive Coaching

HR and Business Consultancy

· Appraisal Systems

· Succession Planning

· Assessment and Development Centres

· Attitude and Opinion Surveys

· Equal Opportunities or Diversity Initiatives

· Facilitation Services

· Evaluation Projects

· Benchmarking

· Lean Management

· Appreciative Enquiry

· E-Learning

· Employee Engagement

· Value Management

· Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management

Management and Supervisory Training

· Management Skills

· Supervisory Skills

· Managing Change

· Team Building

· Interviewing Skills

· Equal Opportunities and Diversity

· Action Learning

· Coaching

· Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

· Creativity

· Cross-cultural Awareness

· Negotiating Skills

· Managing Meetings

· Health and Safety

· Marketing Skills

· Project Management

· Managing Conflict

· Employment Law

Generic Training

· Presentation Skills

· Customer Service

· Sales Skills

· Telephone Techniques

· Consultancy Skills

· Facilitation Skills

· Communication Skills

· Drama Based Training

· IT Training

· Stress Management

· Train the Trainer

· Written Communications

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