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cropimage5464.jpg provides a ‘bolt-on’ self-counselling tool to providers who offer adult mental health, wellbeing, and self-development support.  Our tool complements most mental health and self-help apps, such as those based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for example.  It utilises a databank of 18,000 carefully researched and tested questions used by professional therapists.


The tool is founded on the process of self-actualization, and therefore fits within executive coaching processes, employee assistance programmes or workplace self-development products. 


Our client sectors are: HR departments with responsibility for employee wellbeing or executive development, health insurers who provide mental health or wellbeing support as part of their service, and charities who provide mental health apps in addition to their face to face services.


Our resource also works as a stand-alone tool to support mental health management and personal growth where face-to-face therapy is not available.  If individuals are unable or unwilling to access NHS or private counsellors or coaches, they can access the tool directly to make progress alone. 

  • Agency   This means that the healing or growing process is in the users’ hands rather than relying on a therapist.  (‘Agency’ is about having the power to produce a particular effect.)

  • Empowerment   The user doesn’t need to rely on the “magic” that happens in the therapy room.  They have the knowledge and the tools to make change happen.

  • Capability   The user builds the skills and confidence to manage their own mental health based on a good understanding of how therapy works.

  • Life-long   The user develops the knowledge and skills to manage their mental health development on an ongoing basis.

  • Self-actualizing   The user is able to mature to their greatest potential.

The Self-therapist tool fundamentals

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Tool screenshots