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TRAINING Specialists provides a Business and Executive Coaching/Counselling Service to HR Departments

A Unique Service

Most people will come up against problems at work and at home at some point in their life, whatever their position.  It may be a sense of ‘where am I going and why?’  It may be lack of the skills and knowledge to bring a career plan to life.  It may be a crisis at home that’s impacting on work.  It may be stress, anxiety, lack of get up and go, or simply a need to have some space and time to think straight. 

Executive coaching can meet the needs of the aspiring manager and leader.  Counselling can help with emotional trauma, and life coaching can help with personal development issues.  However, the chances are, the need is a mixture of all of these approaches. This service provides a coach/counsellor who is qualified and skilled in all of these areas, making sure that the outcomes are lasting and effective.


This is a unique and integrative approach to coaching which also uses the best facilitative learning techniques alongside state of the art leadership, management and performance models.  Coaching is rarely this ‘person focused’. But focusing on the needs, desires and issues within the individual is a highly effective solution to performance problems.  A helping relationship is formed which can be fundamental to enabling an individual to carve out a new way forward.  This is not merely ‘motivation’, but aiming at the roots of what self-actualisation means for the individual and what mind sets are limiting success.  This is an analytical process and not merely the same set of exercises produced time and again for each client.


This coaching and counselling delivery is entirely client focused.  That means the delivery is based on exactly what is right for the individual.  So, that might be face to face sessions once a week, or once a fortnight.  It might be telephone calls twice a week.  It might be a quick chat before an important presentation. Each individual needs different levels of input at different times.  The structure is designed to support individual needs. Often six one hour sessions suffice although some clients prefer infrequent contact over a much longer period.  There’s no reason why significant progress can’t be made in one session.

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